Meet Frederique

Hello, my name is Frederique and I am the woman behind “Ici et la creations” (in French it means, “Here and there creations”, you’ll understand…). I do everything from choosing the fabrics, creating the patterns to sewing, shipping out and replying to all the messages. I love what I do more than anything else.

Ici et La Creations travel set

It has been over 10 years since I left France, together with my three kids and my husband. We have lived in the Caribbean, the USA, Dubai and back to NY since 2017. Not easy to move so often and leave everything behind, but also very exciting at the same time… With all the moves, you can find the explanation of the name of my company: one day here, one day there….

In a previous life, I was in finance. A world far removed from creations and productions. I love accuracy and being proud of a job well done; qualities that I still hold dear today.

Dubai was a turning point in my professional life. I joined a “back to work” team with the idea of going back to my previous skills, but suddenly, while I was thinking of my next step, something completely new took shape. I learned to sew during my first years of expatriation. I sewed a lot, making handmade gifts, especially for my friends who were travelling people. I created those little bags to organize suitcases and they always encouraged me to continue.

Dubai, like the USA, is a place that values creativity and makes it easy to launch your own business. I participated in my very first market in December 2013 and I haven’t stopped since!

Ici et La Creations
Ici et La Creations swimsuit bags at Larchmont Manor Beach, NY

My products are completely linked to my own experiences. Expats for more than 10 years, I know what it means to travel all the time with kids and to live with suitcases open for weeks. My flagship products are those little bags that enable you to clean up your undies, socks, and everyday items with laundry bags and into suitcases.

They are simple to use and efficient, even for kids. It’s perfect for summer camps and holidays. As a mother of three, I also developed a lot of solutions to make daily life easy and practical. I’m always my first customer!

Here at Ici & là creations we love color!

You probably noticed all the different and lovely colorful fabric we use.

It became impossible for us to pick one color for our logo, so if you see our logo in pink, turquoise, red, grey and navy blue, don’t worry it’s really still us. We just embrace the fact that life is colorful!

Ici et La Creations logo raspberry
Ici et La Creations logo grey
Ici et La Creations logo navy
Ici et La Creations logo pink
Ici et La Creations logo red
Ici et La Creations logo blue lagoon

Our Philosophy

Ici et La Creations eco friendly icon

Eco-Friendly : Join the eco-friendly, reusable movement by purchasing any of our bags. You will never purchase another single-use bag again!

Ici et La Creations handmade icon

Handmade: Everything is made by hand, by the designer, who puts all her energy into each creation. A signature charm or button is added to each one!

Ici et La Creations Made in USA icon

Made in USA: Useful, beautiful, durable, and completely made in the USA from quality fabric!

Ici et La Creations reusable icon

Reusable: All our bags are reusable and easy to keep clean. Created from quality, durable materials, they not only look good but last.

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