Mon Bazar


The perfect little bag to keep everything safe and secure! Slide into it all the things you need to find quickly during a trip, when you visit friends or even go to a restaurant. Practical and useful, an ideal gift for all ages and for those that wish to bring back a souvenir from America.

1 bag labeled Mon bazar (9.8 × 8.5 × 3 inches approx.)

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100% cotton

On each bag, a charm is hand-sewn to secure the ribbon so you never loose it!

Maintenance: machine wash and dry, can be ironed, including the ribbon.

These bags are made to last and keep your life organized for a very long time!

“My husband was always loosing his cables and small items on trips. This little bag was a great gift idea and he keeps using it. We even got some for friends and our boys too!”

Anita, Irvine, CA

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Fabric Design

Bazar Navy Red-Blue stars, Bazar White Red-Blue stars, Bazar Red USA flag, Bazar stars and stripes


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